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have a home game. not only rain but temperatures in the 50s by sunday. so let's talk about the good stuff. today it is going to be a beauty with sunshine. temperatures will be in the 80s this afternoon. the low 80s. 77 by noon and the drive home temperature of 80 degrees. a gorgeous start to the weekend. let me show you what's happening. we have the showers yesterday morning. clouds finally broke. it was a beautiful finish to the day. this morning just few high clouds well to the southeast across oh the northern neck, southeastern virginia. otherwise, comfy. in fact a little bit of a chill this morning, martinsburg and frederick down to 55 degrees and upper 50s east of the bay at easton and cambridge. la plata 55 and here in washington this morning, we sit at 64 and temps this afternoon. about ten degrees or so above average with 81 for andrews and 83 here in the district. let's go over to beverly farmer now with a look at timesaver traffic. just getting word of a crash howard, they're checking, fire department and police southbound 270 in the area of montgomery village avenue for
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the crash. checking that out too and we'll give you details in the next report. the beltway is running smoothly right now as you make your way through montgomery county getting past the american legion bridge. all the overnight roadwork down in tysons and annandale should be out of there now. eastbound 66 a good ride too. manassas light volume coming in past manassas to get to fair oaks and vienna and northbound fall church. northbound 95 and 95 lanes open -- 395 lanes open. there's a strep of south glebe road closed though in south arlington west of route 1 and east of arlington ridge with the utility pole down. that will be ongoing throughout the morning. the next timesaver traffic coming up at 5:09. back to you mike and jessica. thanks bev. some students at maryland are having some sleepless nights not because they're up studying or partying. not the normal reasons you might goes. >> instead they're dealing with
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a bedbug infestation in their dorm rooms. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live in college park with the story. oh it makes me itch even thinking about it kristin,. >> reporter: it's really a gross story and the management company that runs the dorms the capstone management group says that they're aware of the issues and that they're working to fix it. but for the students who live in these two units that are affected, they say that they are still waking up every morning with bedbug bites all over their bodies and it's starting to affect their school work. i mean just imagine if you had to study while living like this. their clothes are in bargain bags and they've had to move the furniture away from the walls and they've had to vacate their apartment for several hours for the exterminators, even the management company calls the issue an increasing progress. >> i just feel like a little bit more needs to be done to
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take care of it and less than six weeks because we can't keep living like this. >> yeah it's not a place to stay. we're all stressed i'm continuing to get bitten. it's painful it's itchy to be bitten by the insects. and we can't focus on what we're here to do is to be students at maryland. >> reporter: yeah i mean how would you like to wake up with bites li that all over your body? those students that you just heard from say part of their frustration stems from the fact they feel it's taking too long for the common staff to take action. in fact, one of the girls that you just heard from said she'd actually captured is bedbug to prove that her apartment was infested and finally get the exterminators to come out. an e-mail was sent out to the students who live at the commons. notifying them about this bedbug problem urging them to submit work orders if they think they have bedbugs. the goal right now to of course contain the infestation. keep the bedbug problem from spreading as i said right now it's only in those two units.
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let's just hope it stays that way. jessica, mike? >> kristin fisher live in college park this morning. fairfax county police released a sketch of a man they say is a serial fondling suspect. he's wanted for groping at least five women in springfield, virginia. and if you think you recognize this person here, on your screen, please contact police. the most recent attack was tuesday night on hibling avenue. a woman was groped in front of her daughter. another woman was groped on the same street two weeks earlier and detectives believe there could be even more victims. d.c. police confirm they're investigating allegations that a guard in the city jail sexually assaulted an inmate. sources tell wtop radio the guard is accused of removing an inmate from his cell, taking him to an area without cameras and attacking him. and those sources also say a second guard witnessed the assault but did not report it. well, just weeks after crews finished that multimillion dollar renovation of the reflecting pool in the
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national mall, they have had to drain it again. it's because of the algae that we've been reporting. workers spent the day hosing off and scrubbing down the pool and the national park service says this is really frustrating to drain the pool so soon after it opened but they had to get that algae you can see it floating right there to get it out and fix the filtration system and they believe they may know how to fix the problem. they say it's going to take about three days to refill the poolthough. time right now 5:05 and i'm watching your money and it's all about the health of the job market for wall street today. we're going to find out in about three and a half hours how things are looking. economists predict the unemployment rate inched up to 8.2% from september from 8.1% the previous month. yesterday, the government said 367,000 americans applied for first time unemployment benefits last week. that's up slightly from the previous week. but still fewer than wall street was expecting. and it turned out to be is really good day on wall street. checking the numbers --
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investors will be sharing shares of zynga today. the maker of farmville and other games saw the shares plunge 19% after the bell. that's after the company cut the profit outlook for the year. they are citing weakness in the flagship ville games like farm vim. are we facebook friends? if so we're part of a billion member large community. that's right the world's largest social network said yesterday it now has more than one billion users. facebook now has its sites on breaking into china. the chinese government currently blocks facebook from its citizens. we're friends mike. >> we are friends. a lot of us are friends. and thank you for being our friend. 40 years later the charles manson murders they're back in the news. we'll tell you why coming up. >> plus, federal prosecutors charge dozens of people across the country with nearly half a billion dollars in medicare
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fraud. >> your washington nationals can relax for another day. the orioles have one all or nothing playoff game tonight. we'll explain that coming up next too.
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on this friday morning what a gorgeous day we're going to have. really one of the better days of the year again coming up. beautiful fall weather coming today. we start with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and see plenty of sunshine. lunchtime, hey eat outside if you can. 77. going up to 83 for the high. and by 6:00 still gorgeous at 78 degrees. weekend forecast has big changes here by sunday. those details in about five. right now in for monika is beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. howard, they're checking on a crash southbound 270 police and fire crews were responding south of 118 and close to montgomery village avenue for the report of that accident. no delay here on the 118 camera. left side of the screen is southbound traffic but again approaching the montgomery village avenue. careful for that initial report of a crash. your next timesaver traffic at
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5:16. mike back to you. all right, thank you bev. here's what's making news this morning at 5:10. investigators are looking into whether or not this week's killing of a border patrol agent is actually a case of friendly fire. nicholas ivie and two other agents came under attack tuesday in arizona. there's no word why though they think friendly fire may be an issue in this. one of charles manson's followers has been recommended for parole on the eve of his 70th birthday. bruce davis was convicted with manson for the murder of two musicians and been in prison since 1972. california governor brown has the final say on decisions by the current parole board. the federal government is charging nearly 100 people with medicare fraud. the arrests were made in seven major cities from brooklyn all the way to los angeles. the defendants are accused of filing near $430 millioin false claims. for services that were either unnecessary or never even performed. are you debating whether to pull on the sweats for an early
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morning workout? i'm going to update you on my couch to 5 k challenge coming up at 5:38. >> the redskins face an undefeated opponent this weekend. more on that at 5:22. >> and next at 5:15, howard has our high temperatures dropping almost 30 degrees in the next couple of days. keep it here on this friday morning. you're watching 9news now.
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weather first time, here's howard bernstein.
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how is it outside because we know it's cold in this studio. >> it's a little cool this morning. we got temps in the 50s in many areas. but -- >> including right here. >> yeah. it's going to be a great afternoon just give it a few hours, yeah yesterday afternoon turned out to be gorgeous and this will be i think even better. >> much drier. >> right it's drier air. not starting with the fog and the drizzle and showers, it's going to be a great day. here's a look outside with the bus stop forecast this morning. we start by telling you there might be a patch of fog west of town. warrenton and culpeper, yeah it's been a little bit here and there but not bad at all this morning with 50s and 60s and sunrise not until about 7:08. as we go through the day today, oh relish this one because by lunchtime it may be a hot dog with relish may be good outside somewhere. 77-degrees and winds from light northwesterly this morning to southwesterly this afternoon. 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll get to about 83 and then drop to 80 by 5:00. beautiful average high is about
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72. 54 right now gaithersburg. winchester 59. it's 53 in luray. down toward fredericksburg 57. same in easton. and as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, not bad at all this morning. really good visibility under clear skies. 64 degrees. winds are calm at reagan national on the humidity 78% but those dew points which were near 70 yesterday morning are now in the 50s. so as mike said a lot drier feel to the air and by the time we get to sunday a lot colder feel to the air. we got temperatures this morning i show you this map here because i want to show you the trends of the 30s and 40s up in the north. that's the high today. a foot of snow in northwest minnesota yesterday. but this cool air mass will dive south and east. be to dallas and oklahoma city tomorrow and be into detroit. 55. chicago only 51. be in the 70s on saturday for us but by sunday here comes the chill. 50s in greensboro and 48 in marquette. storm system spinning up here north of the lake superior.
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this is what brought the snow to northwestern minnesota. frontal boundary here entrying some rain -- bringing some rain into illinois and indiana and detroit. up toward toronto this morning. well, that front will be arriving let's say tomorrow afternoon. ahead of it today and tomorrow morning, still we'll be in the warm sector. that's why we're going to shoot into the 80s today and as the front comes through tomorrow there'll be a chance for a couple of showers, here we are tomorrow morning. 5:45. showers well north and west. we're still okay. middle of the day the front is coming through and isolated showers behind it. there they go mainly south and east of town. a better chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. and then by sunday the cool air is in place. the southwesterly flow over the cool air. yeah that's going to form some rain showers around here and really chilly kind of on sunday and raw. if you're staying in the 50s. 83 today. beautiful. tonight, back in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow, 78. the afternoon showers. going to be up in hagerstown low 70s maybe holding in the 60s in cumberland tomorrow and then sunday chilly.
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i know taste of d.c.. the skins' game. lots of other things going on sunday. doesn't look that pretty at all. yellow alert day. 55, yeah 55 and columbus day sun returns but still cool 62. it's 5:17. beverly farmer how we looking so far? howard, one accident reported on i-270 out of jermantown to gaithersburg. fire department and police went to look. southbound near montgomery village avenue for the crash. so far, the pace here at 118 is good. that's good for you and we'll keep you posted on that. no early issues out of frederick to head into hyattstown save for building volume. the trip on the maryland beltway is accident-free. the drive in on 66. eastbound traffic markham, hey market and the beltway in falls church light volume and no incidents. still looking good there with the friday need. and northbound 395 and 95. look good leaving the beltway past landmark to get to the 14th street bridge. a stretch of south glebe road
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tied up with emergency work after a crash took out a utility pole west of route 1. close to south hayes street on south glebe road. utility crews will be there likely most of the morning. your next check of timesaver traffic is at 5:24. mike, jess back to you. thanks bev. see you in a little bit. the nationals are going to watch the wild card game tonight to see where they're headed on the road with their opponent is going to be. >> the redskins prepare to host one of the nfl's last undefeated teams. that's coming up in sports. >> before we head to break let's take another look at the question of the day -- >> and here's a look at a response you wrote on the wusa9 facebook fan page. kendra is picking --
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>> log on to our facebook fan page. we'd love to hear what you think. we'll have the answer to the quiz in our 6:00 show. stay with us.
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it is 5:21 on this friday morning. beautiful start to the day. we've got clear skies in most areas, temperatures in the 50s in the suburbs and low 60s here in town and nothing but sunshine today. 65 at 9:00. by lunchtime we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s and even
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pushing 80 up in baltimore. 78 in cambridge and a gorgeous afternoon with high temperatures in the low 80s. enjoy it. jess and mike back to you -- and mike back to you. the orioles' game tonight in texas do or die for a wild card playoff slot. >> the redskins face-off against one of the last two undefeated teams in the nfl this weekend. dave owens has the morning sports. >> good morning everybody. one game removed from the quarter poll and the redskins are about to play what some consider the most complete football team in the nfc. the falcons they don't let you score much. and the offense is downright scary. beep. beep, beep. this is going to be a test of the redskins' emergency secondary system. all right, atlanta is this year's green bay. they strike from everywhere. matt ryan, who was a rookie sensation himself remember? well, now he's in his fifth season playing like a wylie vet. he's also got three big stud receivers like roddy white right there. washington? they're second to last in stopping receivers, not a good match-up and also impressed
5:23 am
with matty ice. >> he's going a great job southern. he's getting rid of the ball and he's going along with his possessions and he's accurate. we have to tighten up on the back end and rush harder on the front end. >> we can see on film when ryan has time he can find his receivers. it's crucial for us to be able to get pressure just the front four. baseball high drama tonight. baltimore playing in the one game wild card at texas. say what you will about the nats' davey johnson but buck show what woulder is the manager of the year in my -- showalter is the manager of the year in my opinion. all praise to buck? yes, but yesterday he chose to praise his players. >> i think the players yesterday for letting me come along for the ride and it's always been fun to watch and fun to be around. and that's the satisfaction that some of them have reached have gotten return for what they put into it. >> all right, game time is tonight at 8:30. all right that's a quick look at sports, have a great
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friday everybody. well, the nhl season is now canceled through october 24th. seven years ago the entire pro hockey season was lost to a lockout. the league and the players union have not been able to figure out how to split $3 billion in hockey revenue and that's the reason why. campaign 2012 makes a stop in virginia for a second straight day. that story coming up. >> plus, students at some of the dorms at the university of maryland are trying their best to get rid of bedbugs. we don't want to get rid of beverly, she has the traffic report. bev? >> right now we are looking good out on the roadways great news for northbound 95 travelers north out of fredericksburg getting into triangle and here getting past the parkway. volume is light and complete look at your timesaver traffic at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back with more.
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. she decided to take a day off
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for her birthday today. >> happy birthday! [ applause ] >> happy birthday darling. >> and i'm mike hydeck, happy friday. thank you for joining us. beverly farmer is in for monika. howard bernstein has the weather first. a beautiful beautiful friday. temperatures going into the lower 80s about ten above average and gorgeous skies today. lots of sunshine. you're going to love it. we start with a look at the day planner. and this morning, we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. there's been a touch of fog down across parts of northern virginia but for the most part we've just got clear skies and a few high clouds well south and east of town. noontime temperatures 77 degrees. winds southwest 5 to 10. mid-afternoon high of 83 and a drive home temp still about 80 on the nose. you know the high clouds i was talking about well south and east of us. otherwise nice and quiet this morning. temperatures down to 55 in martinsburg and frederick. leesburg and baltimore are at
5:29 am
60. it's 59 at the patuxent river naval air station and a very pleasant 54 in manassas. this afternoon going to be great. 83 in frederick and 82 easton and fredericksburg and 83 as well in culpeper. let's check in with beverly farmer at 5:29. volume is building a little bev. just a little bit. we certainly deserve a break for the past couple of days it looks like we're getting it on the roadways with no big deals in your way. southbound 270 the crash here south of jermantown right near montgomery village avenue. everything is on the right shoulder. not too bad heading out of frederick on 270. maryland beltway has been good. eastbound i-66, heading from front royal and markham to get into manassas. all of the road work out of the way and the volume has been pretty light to get into fair oaks and vienna on into falls church. 95 corridor northbound, some of that was still in place. northbound has been a good ride to head up to the beltway and on to 95 past landmark and the
5:30 am
pentagon in good shape. a stretch of south glebe road closed off right near south hayes and joy street with ongoing utility repairs after a crash. your next timesaver traffic is the 5:36. jessica mike back to you. thank you beverly. today president obama is returning to northern virginia. he's going to stop in fairfax later this morning at george mason university. >> indeed he is and mitt romney and paul ryan were in west central virginia last night before a crowd of 10,000 in fishersville. romney drummed home his theme about the economy. >> what you didn't hear last night from the president is why it is the next four years are going to possibly be better than the last four years. >> whoever it was that was on stage last night, doesn't want to be held accountable for what the real mitt romney's been saying for the last year. >> now the president told supporters in wisconsin he didn't recognize the candidate he was debating wednesday night because so many positions have changed. there could be another momentum
5:31 am
shift in a couple of hours when the september jobs report is released. this next story might gross you out a little bit and maybe push the bowl of cheerios away. students in some university of maryland dorm halls are dealing with an infestation of bedbugs, 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live in college park with more on this really gross story. good morning kristin. >> reporter: yeah, it's nasty jessica. but the good news is that so far, these bedbugs are contained to only two units. two apartments on the campus of university of maryland. but students here say they're worried that it could spread and spread fast and we all know that's a very likely scenario when you're dealing with bedbugs. now some of the students in the affected apartments say they're still waking up with bites like this all over their bodies even after the exterminators have come in. the company that runs these dorms capstone management company says they are aware of the issue and working to fix it but at the same time they also describe it as an increasing
5:32 am
problem at south campus common 7. >> common 7 and the commons buildings in general are known for their cleanliness. i mean we have crews every morning cleaning the hallways and cleaning the elevator and main lobbies. it's known for its cleanliness. when i saw the bedbugs i was really taken aback by that. >> if the treatment is not finished the problem isn't fixed. >> reporter: now it's especially difficult for those students because look at how they're living during this six weeks it takes for exterminators to get rid of the bedbugs. they have to keep the beds stripped of sheets and move all the furniture away from the walls and they've had to vacate their apartments for several hours which is once every two weeks. not only are the students having to deal with getting bit by bedbugs at night, but now they say it's starting to affect their schoolwork during the day. and they want the staff at common 7 to do maybe a bit more
5:33 am
to help alleviate this problem until it's fixed. jessica? >> thanks kristin. health officials expect they will see more cases of a rare and life-threatening form of meningitis. the outbreak has been traced to tainted vials of prescription steroid injections, they were shipped to 23 states including virginia and maryland. there were five deaths so far but because the symptoms can take up to four weeks do appear, doctors believe the current number of 35 cases that could rise dramatically. well, it's a good thing the nats will be on the road for their first playoff game sunday. that's because metro is using the columbus day weekend to do some work. between the stadium armory and cheverly stations on the orange line. on the red line the work will be between judiciary square and fort totten and it will be single tracking in both of the work zones. the work is scheduled to begin tonight at 10:00 and end when the system closes on monday
5:34 am
night. overcoming personal challenges. that's what we're doing in today's couch to 5 k challenge. details after the break. >> and later this half hour a look at the new movies that are debuting this weekend. keep it here, we'll be right back.
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it is 5:56 on this friday morning. very comfortable. low 60s near in northwest d.c. and 50s in the suburbs. a great day. looking at the day planner expect a lot of sunshine unlike yesterday. when we've got temperatures which will be climbing into the mid 60s by noon. low to mid-70s by 11:00. this afternoon we should get to a high about 83 or so. 3:00 temp 81. and still gorgeous at 5:00 with a temperature of 80 but some big changes are on the way here by late saturday into sunday. details coming up in a few minutes. right now over to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic for us. howard southbound lanes of 270 between jermantown and gaithersburg two separate incidents both out of your way
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and not costing you much time here in jermantown. pace is pretty good to get past both of those and into rockville. back to you. you want to shape up? get off the couch! couch to 5 k with jessica doyle. >> and we're running. >> where are we? >> we're -- in yellow stone? i think. i've never been here before. whoa, there's howard again. he's always bumping in on our runs mike hydeck. we're in week three. >> you're in week three. >> well, you're coming along with me on our couch to 5 k. we really need to run in this direction but you see my boxes. a couple of challenges this week. i was supposed to run on tuesday, what happened on tuesday? >> there was rain. >> a lot of rain. and in terms of my personal eat healthy goals? i had a couple of challenges this week. let's take a look at the first
5:38 am
one. yeah. >> happy birthday andrea roane. >> happy birthday cake. that was yesterday. number two, yeah, that was also yesterday we had cupcakes and we had brownies, i'm not going to say i drived into the stuff but i dove into a lot of it. number three tacos, what can we do? how am i going to walk away from that. look at that district taco what am i going to do? you double down and run some more. but i didn't let my challenges get in my way. here's week three in the program besides tacos five minute warmups. two rounds of jogging. two minutes of walking two minutes. and then jog for three minutes and walk for two minutes. that works out to be about 28 minutes not so bad. but i found making excuses was a big deal for me this week. there was the rain, so i just pushed my run to another day. the cake looks good. run a little bit longer. now if you find yourself making excuses to avoid your morning workout because it's so hard this time of year.
5:39 am
some tips. morning workout people. it is darker out. we get it. but don't hit the snooze button. do what we do. we wake up so early in the morning, you can put your clock on the other side of the room. that way you can't snooze. another tip here for you. don't allow yourself to think your morning workout is optional. a choice you can make. it is not a choice. you don't make a choice to go to work right? so don't make a choice to not workout. this is not optional. and finally sleep in your workout clothes. it's going to save you some time and that makes it harder not to follow through on your plans. could you imagine waking up if your workout clothes and saying i'm not going to work out after doing that? >> actually a good idea. never even thought of that. >> thank you. if you have any workout obstacles or success stories you want to share, i want to hear from you. you know we can talk about our viewer ron lark? , shoutout to him. he just finished week three and he talks to me all the time. way the go ron. and i want to keep in touch with you and ron wants to too. facebook, twitter, some great
5:40 am
places to get in touch. you can read the tumblr blog as well. >> no excuses. >> that's right. >> you can take a walk and make strides in the fight against breast cancer. that will get you some exercise. we'll tell you how coming up. >> it might be chilly here by the end of the weekend but at least not cold enough yet for snow. >> one of our celebrity birthdays, we'll start as before we head to break -- plus we want to wish a very happy birthday to web executive producer, our favorite manny, he's manny fantist and today is also the lovely and talented andrea roane's birthday. we love you andrea, happy
5:41 am
birthday. >> happy birthday!
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weather first time now. coming up on 5:44. good morning if you're just waking up and it's friday, just a reminder, almost to the weekend. good morning mr. bernstein. >> i don't need to be reminded when it's friday. >> best day of the week right? >> it's going to be beautiful today. i know folks have monday off. if you can stretch it out the a four day weekend today would be the day to do it. because it's going to be fantastic. you know right there jess? >> got to go. >> you may have to go home a little early huh? not condoning that sort of thing but it's nice out today. starts with a look at the bus stop forecast with temperatures which are starting in the 50s and 60s and might get the isolated patch of fog to the south and west. really though a very pleasant morning out there with fairly light winds and sunrise not until about 7:08 and looking good today. 63 by 8:00. by noon 77 and looks fantastic for lunch. this afternoon, we're going into the lower 80s. southwest winds 5, 10 miles an hour and then this evening got
5:45 am
the high school football games on tap. 8:00 temperature 71 so we'll fall back into the 60s. little jacket or sweatshirt should be enough for the football games tonight. 56 in vienna right now. lovettsville one of the cool spots at 52 but it's 62 in crofton. and 68 in annapolis right now with alexandria and rockville at 57 degrees. and in fairfax, we're sitting at 56. outside on our michael & son weather camera, great visibility under clear skies here in northwest d.c. with 64 officially at reagan national. no winds to speak of and the humidity 78%. weather headlines, you know with the drier air moving in it's going to be a good hair day. humidity levels have dropped a lot since yesterday. adds i said grade tonight for the fool -- as i said great tonight for the high school football. tomorrow front is coming and late showers, just going to get the game in before a couple of showers move in. then sunday redskins they're home. 50s. showers around. maybe even a steadier rain developing. doesn't look all that hot
5:46 am
weather-wise for you firefighterrers. temperatures right now speaking of not being hot. they had a foot of snow in northwestern minnesota yesterday. minneapolis 41. and this cooler air, that's going to be driving south and east over the next few days and much of the country is going to see a big cooldown. on the leading edge of the cooler air we have showers pushing to st. louis right now and pushing to indianapolis and through detroit and toronto. that front is what's going to change everything for us in a big way by the time we get in toward saturday night and sunday. today though, we're out ahead of the front and southwesterly winds. the warm air is in place. that's why we're going to have a great friday. temperatures shooting up into the low 80s this afternoon. tonight 50s and 60s. tomorrow morning there's the front with the rain and showers in pittsburgh up to rochester and syracuse. by midday, we may start to see a few clouds and even a couple of showers pop especially south and east of d.c. for the afternoon. and then the cooler air moves in for saturday night and sunday and with southwesterly
5:47 am
flow, yeah, showers will develop for sunday. cool showers at that. 83 today. tonight 50s and 60s. not bad tomorrow but a couple of afternoon showers. 78 that's for d.c.. may stay in the 60s 234 hagerstown but be near 80 in southern maryland. then sunday chilly and showers. you're going to lose at least 20 degrees. columbus day better 62 and tuesday looks nice and temperatures back toward 70. it's 5:47. good morning beverly farmer. and good morning howard. we've got a pretty good morning out on the roadways too so far. couple of things of note. a stretch of rolling road shut down now because of an accident with the ewe pill pole at north upper bin road. bristow road a new crash and a stretch of glebe road partially blocked between arlington ridge and route 1 near south hayes street and south joyce. a portion of the roadway has been reopened.
5:48 am
and police are there to direct traffic now. utility crews ron the scene too. -- are on the scene too. check out the ride for 66 travelers. everything open for you as you head east of manassas and centreville into fair oaks and vienna. through falls church and the maryland beltway we are incident-free only building volume on the outer loop to head west of silver spring and around to georgia avenue and bethesda. next timesaver traffic coming up at 6:00. back to you jessica. thank you beverly. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts and here's some of the favorites on this friday morning. the glare from the fall and winter sun can make it a little bit hard to drive sometimes and ebay is offering 67% off a pair of emperor owe armani sunglasses. normal price $180. the deal also includes free shipping. universal smiles d.c. is offering a feet whitening deal
5:49 am
-- teeth whitening deal. it can make your teeth eight shades brighter. this is 82% off and you can find this one right now on groupon. and october is breast cancer awage month. more on that come up in a second but all month long jcpenney will offer free haircuts for breast cancer survivors. jcpenney also plans to donate $50,000 to the breast cancer research foundation. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. mike over to you. thanks jess. here's what's making news now at 5:49. turkey's parliament gave authorization for military operations outside its borders if needed. that's in response to shells fired by syria's military which killed five women inside a turkish town. they have apologized for this and turkey is sheltering around 90,000 syrian refugees. this sunday voters in venezuela will cast ballots in
5:50 am
their country's presidential election. incumbent hue go chavez is facing the toughest election yet. the challenger is promising more jobs and safer streets and that's making him have a gain in the polls. good news is the ban on burning has been lifted for most of drought stricken north dakota. but that is all thanks to several inches of snow that fell there yesterday. the heavy wet snow made for tricky driving and the storm also packed 40-mile an hour wind gusts. jess? thanks mike. this morning we're wrapping up the first week of breast cancer awareness month. and you have a little time left to join one of the area's biggest breast cancer fundraising events one that channel 91 very proud to be a -- 9 is very proud to be a sponsor of. liz and kathy are here this morning to tell us more about making strides against breast cancer. ladies, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now i want to ask you kathy first now you're a breast cancer survivor. and you're participating this year. tell us a little bit about your
5:51 am
story. >> i'm coming up on my seven year anniversary of being free from cancer, thank you very much. and this will be my fourth time walking in making strides. i'm part of an organization here in d.c. go pink d.c. which is a dragon boat team for breast cancer survivors and this year we're sponsoring the survivor tent at making strides. and we'll be welcoming all of the other survivors who come out to walk with us on the 20th and help raise money for the important cause. >> this is is very big day. october 20th. national mall. we're crossing our fingers for good weather. tell us a little bit about the event and how people can get involved. >> sure. the event starts with registration at 9:00. and the walk kicks off at 10:00. there's a $25 registration fee. you can go online at we would love to have you form a team. join your network which i believe has a team. >> yep. >> and come out and it will be a wonderful day. >> our own kristen berset and howard bernstein is going to be
5:52 am
out there on october 20th the morning that's saturday walking. and in terms of breast cancer research, specifically, how are we doing with that? how -- how's that process going? >> well, breast cancer research receives some of the largest amounts of our research dollars raised. the american cancer society actually has been involved with every major advance in the fight against breast cancer through our research. for example the importance of mammography, the development of the drugs so we're really committing large resources in research and it is making a difference. right now, with early detection of breast cancer, the survival rate is up about 99%. so -- that's why this awareness so important. >> and kathy how can people get involved with your team? since we saw you this morning they want to get involved. >> they can go on the site and search for the go pink d.c. team and then we'll be happy to have anyone join us and we're really grateful for the opportunity to give back.
5:53 am
we like to say that it's not enough to survive, we want to they've ask all the work that the american cancer society helps us do that. >> god bless both of you. with that over to mike. some university of maryland students are pulling some all nighters and not because they're partying or studying. it's because of bedbugs. >> plus, we're going to take a sneak peek and look at some of the movies you can catch in theaters this weekend. keep it right here, you're watching 9news now.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
it is 5:55. on this friday morning. we're looking so good today. i wish we could hold on to it all weekend. 50s and low 60s now and we're going to have sunshine all day long. by 9:00 65 in town. 58 winchester. 68 the bay and annapolis. lunchtime hey, go outside and enjoy it if you can. temps well in the 70s with highs today in the low 80s. jessica? thank you howard. we're now going to take a look at some the new movies in theaters this weekend. for the younger set, there is "frankenweenie." the socially awkward boy brings his beloved dog back to life. this one is from director tim burton. you know him he's dark. it's based on the dog he loved as a boy. the "usa today" reviewer give this is one three and a half our four stars really good review on that one. now in nationwide release
5:57 am
anna kendrick stars in the musical comedy" pitch perfect." is this goes to college but then finds her home with an all woman singing group which she attempts to push in an edgier direction. now the entertainment insider janice fuentes is back. taking two. i think taken again. really? this can happen again? to the same family? >> hey when you make more than $200 million worldwide, this should happen again. >> bingo. >> for that family. i mean back in the studio waited way too long. this original movie came out in 2009. with liam neeson. remember him? he's the combo of chuck norris meets harry meets -- everybody that you've seen in action. >> meets liam neeson. >> before 60 and for all of his
5:58 am
hype -- it's worth every penny you put on screen. i'll buy him fighting an enemy anytime. >> i'm right there with you. >> i think the critics have been harsh. you go to the movie to be entertained. it is silly but he's totally credible and the best thing about the movie is that everyone can act which is not something you normally find in this kind of action hero movie. hero movie. so he connects, he's great to look at and very convincing, he's cocky and lethal and almost this mixed martial arts expert, there's no weapon he doesn't know how to use. there's no killer he can't conquer. there's a ma know a ma know at the end and for $10 i think worth every penny. i think the studio is going the find out four years later if they can capture the magic. >> is this a lot different from the first one or the same theme and still surprised because it's fun? >> it's not different at all. so if you liked the last one you're going to love this one because basically it's a little
5:59 am
better because they have more money. the production values are a little higher and i think the car chases maybe a little longer. the director oliver megatone self-named himself that. i think -- i think he decided that he's a perfectionist. so perhaps it took a little longer to shoot the action scenes and you know what? they're extremely entertaining. >> sounds like a winner, thanks so much for telling us about it this morning and over to mike and howard. all right, thanks jess. see you in a little bit. right now you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we're thankful for that and there are i think of note some of you living near allentown road in prince george's county and dealing with low water pressure this morning? wfsc just called to let you know things are going to get to better. the water is safe for drinking and showering. it's going to be fantastic. a little
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